US Territories’ March 14-20, 2022 news week in tweets

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A better future for Puerto Rico

On March 15, a bankruptcy deal was adopted that will reduce Puerto Rico’s debt by nearly 80%. Now, citizens are beginning to become hopeful that Puerto Rico’s future will be full of economic prosperity. 

US Virgin Islands experiencing surge in gun violence

Some are speculating that one reason behind a surge in gun violence in the US Virgin Islands is because of the gun laws in neighboring US states.

A new journey for two University of Guam students 

Two students from the University of Guam are beginning their journey to becoming stewards of Micronesian history.

Northern Mariana Islands Department of Labor receives $800,000

The US Deparment of Labor announced that they will be providing the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands’ Department of Labor with $800,000 to support employment after the pandemic. 

American Samoa receives $450,000 to study possibility of SkyTram in Pago Pago Harbor

Delegate Amata announced a grant of $450,000 to research the possibility of restoring a SkyTram over Pago Pago Harbor.