Guam Elections: The Democratic San Nicolas-Salas Matanane Campaign

by Jul 12, 2022Elections, Guam0 comments

Michael San Nicolas, a democrat, has been representing Guam in the United States House of Representatives since 2019. He has decided to run for governor in the upcoming election with his running mate Salas Matanane. The results of the upcoming election will mainly depend upon each candidate’s COVID-19 plan. 

Guam has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The territory heavily depends on the tourism industry, and with the tourism industry slowly opening up, the cost of living has been at its highest. The cost of living in Guam is 1.22 times the national mean cost. With nearly 30% of residents relying on food stamps, San Nicolas believes that more needs to be done with the federal pandemic relief funds such as American Rescue Plan funds. 

San Nicolas has tough competition in the Democratic primary as he and his running mate Salas Matanane are competing against current governor Lou Leon Guerrero. Leon Guerrero has recently revealed her plan to help Guam residents during this crisis. Her plan includes giving each Guam resident $500 to pay for 5 months of their power bill. She also supports policies that include paid family leave and free trash collection. 

Leon Guerrero is popular among Guam residents due to her plans to help Guam residents and the recent allegations against San Nicolas. This has put the San Nicolas-Salas Matanane campaign in heavy fire due to the ethical allegations against San Nicolas. He was accused of misusing campaign funds and accepting improper contributions by the House. The House Committee on Ethics has referred him to federal prosecutors as the investigation is ongoing. These ethical allegations are hurting the San Nicolas-Salas Matanane campaign. 

The Democratic primary is on August 27, 2022