Northeast Primary Predictions

by Apr 26, 2016Elections0 comments

Today is Super Tuesday in the Northeast – 5 states hold primaries and the stakes are high. Below are my predictions:

Delegates up for grabs

Democratic primary

  1. Clinton – sweeps 4/5 states except Rhode Island, gains at least 210 delegates
  2. Sanders – wins Rhode Island by at least 6% margin, loses all other primaries by at least 5-25%, gains no more than 170 delegates

Delegates up for grabs

Republican Primary

  1. Trump – sweeps all 5 states in popular vote by wide double digits, gains at least 88 delegates
  2. Cruz – loses 5/5 states by more than 20%, wins at least 40 PA delegates
  3. Kasich – loses 5/5, gains less than 20 delegates

What’s your prediction?