Where the minor parties stand on Puerto Rico

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In the wake of the PROMESA enactment (Puerto Rican Oversight Management and Economic Stability Act), Puerto Rico’s sovereignty has been called into question by many.  In light of the bill, it seems that the United States has colonial control over Puerto Rico.  The Libertarian and Green Party have spoken out about the course of action they believe Puerto Rico should follow, taking a different tone than their Democratic and Republican Counterparts.

There are many groups and individuals that have stepped forward and stated that Puerto Rico should either join the United States as the fifty-first state or claim their independence from the US and request assistance from the UN to keep the US from continuing their colonial oversight.  Recently the Libertarian and Green Party have both spoken out and said independence is the best option for Puerto Rico.

The Green Party has recently endorsed the Day in Solidarity with the Independence of Puerto Rico.  The co-chair of the green party, Bahram Zandi, recently said the Green Party believes Puerto Rico has the right of self-determination and should express such right in the wake of recent events.  Jill Stein, the current Green Party candidate for president, recently said it is time to stop colonizing Puerto Rico in a Facebook video from July 12th, 2016.

While Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for US presidency, has not publically stated his platform on Puerto Rico, Frank Worley-Lopez, the founder of Puerto Rico Libertarian Party, has recently said he believes independence is Puerto Rico’s best option.

So far both parties have stated that Puerto Rico should declare independence and also believe that the Puerto Rican debt is mainly caused by US intervention.

photo credit: Gary Johnson via photopin (license)