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Author: Zachary Williams

Your perfect candidate made easy

There are many ways to vote in any election, whether you vote based solely on party, based on the candidate, or just vote randomly.  Thankfully, has come up with a very handy tool to help every citizen know who they have the ability to vote on and which candidates align the most with their own personal beliefs. is a political based website where every visitor is allowed to create an account and pick 3 or more items that are important to them; these items consist of topics such as immigration, healthcare, abortion, gun control, etc. Once these...

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Who’s winning Puerto Rico’s gubernatorial social media race?

As the race for Puerto Rico’s Gubernatorial continues, we are seeing some candidates with a clear lead. After the second debate, Alexandra Lúgaro and Ricardo Rosselló seemed to come out as the two victors, and unsurprisingly, these two candidates also have the largest social media following of all six candidates. Lúgaro and Rosselló lead the next closest candidate in social media following, David Bernier, by well over 100,000 followers each. This shows that the two candidates could have been voted as the top two winners because they already had a large following or it could suggest that they are...

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Why the people are being denied the debate they want

With the first presidential debate taking place tonight, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced, Friday the 16th, that Dr. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson will not be participating in the first debate. The CPD claimed that Dr. Stein and Johnson both, only met two of the three criteria necessary for participating in the debates: constitutional eligibility and being on enough state ballots to possibly win the Electoral College majority. However, Johnson and Stein did not meet the 15% polling average needed to be included; Johnson peaked at 12% and Stein peaked at 6%. Four-time presidential candidate, Ralph Nader...

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Where the minor parties stand on Puerto Rico

In the wake of the PROMESA enactment (Puerto Rican Oversight Management and Economic Stability Act), Puerto Rico’s sovereignty has been called into question by many.  In light of the bill, it seems that the United States has colonial control over Puerto Rico.  The Libertarian and Green Party have spoken out about the course of action they believe Puerto Rico should follow, taking a different tone than their Democratic and Republican Counterparts. There are many groups and individuals that have stepped forward and stated that Puerto Rico should either join the United States as the fifty-first state or claim their...

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Book of the week: Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot, is a collaborative non-fiction book written by the host of Fox Network’s the Factor Bill O’Reilly and author Martin Dugard.  Killing Kennedy is a riveting recollection of John F. Kennedy’s life and his tragic death.  The novel dives into the lives of various characters, who all merge together on one tragic day: November 22, 1963.  O’Reilly and Dugard perfectly highlight the class displayed in Kennedy’s public persona, while drawing on Kennedy secrets unbeknownst to the American people.  While Kennedy is the eponymous character of the novel, O’Reilly and Dugard also explains Lee Harvey...

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