Your perfect candidate made easy

by Nov 8, 2016Elections0 comments

There are many ways to vote in any election, whether you vote based solely on party, based on the candidate, or just vote randomly.  Thankfully, has come up with a very handy tool to help every citizen know who they have the ability to vote on and which candidates align the most with their own personal beliefs. is a political based website where every visitor is allowed to create an account and pick 3 or more items that are important to them; these items consist of topics such as immigration, healthcare, abortion, gun control, etc.

Once these two steps are finished, the user is introduced to their own personalized home screen where numerous topics are posted each day and users are able to have an online debate about the topic.  On the side of the home screen is an alignment test to help each visitor figure out which candidate they most align with: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, or Evan McMullin.  There are numerous questions in the alignment test to get the perfect candidate, but as long as the user answers 15 questions, can give them an alignment.  From this alignment, the user can then type in their address to find candidates running for both State and Federal positions in their district.  The website now creates a Ballot Guide for each user that shows them which candidate they match up with in the presidential election and which candidates they align with for their state and district.

After seeing the alignment, the website gives you the option to pledge to vote for the aligned candidates.  If the user pledges, the website allows them to list their reason for picking the candidate and share the pledge with their friends, through either Facebook or email.  This website allows citizens, especially undecided voters, to figure out which candidates they should vote on due to their personal preference.