What you need to know about Puerto Rico’s election day

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Puerto Rico votes today like the rest of the country and polls close soon. Here is what you need to know:


Poll closing time

3:00 pm local time, which means 2:00 pm EST


Who’s on the ballot?

Candidates for all of Puerto Rico’s elected officials including the governor, resident commissioner, local legislative assembly, mayors and the municipal legislative assemblies. As a territory, Puerto Rico cannot vote for President.


Where can I see the results?

In our Election 2016 dashboard, with updated results for the governor and resident commissioner races. Full results for all other positions provided in Spanish and English by the Puerto Rico State Elections Commission on their website.


Who will win?

We won’t know for sure until results come, but polls predict a big win for the New Progressive Party, which favors statehood, over the incumbent Popular Democratic Party. Also expect a decent showing from independent gubernatorial candidate Alexandra Lúgaro.


Is statehood on the ballot?

Not in this election. Only elected officials are up for vote with not referendum questions asked this time.


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