Who’s winning Puerto Rico’s gubernatorial social media race?

by Oct 24, 2016Elections0 comments

As the race for Puerto Rico’s Gubernatorial continues, we are seeing some candidates with a clear lead. After the second debate, Alexandra Lúgaro and Ricardo Rosselló seemed to come out as the two victors, and unsurprisingly, these two candidates also have the largest social media following of all six candidates. Lúgaro and Rosselló lead the next closest candidate in social media following, David Bernier, by well over 100,000 followers each. This shows that the two candidates could have been voted as the top two winners because they already had a large following or it could suggest that they are gaining larger followings as they win debates.

In contrast, the other four candidates have been labeled as “fighting for third place”. However, the two candidates that were labeled as losing the debate, David Bernier and María de Lourdes Santiago, both have a decent social media following compared to the two candidates that were labeled as neither winning or losing in the debate, Manuel Cidre and Rafael Bernabe. Rafael Bernabe is actually recorded as having the lowest social media following, but after the second debate is seen as more favorable to win the third place spot then Bernier or Lourdes Santiago.

There is still time for all the candidates to improve on their current status in the race, but the deadline is getting close with the election being held on November 8.  If social media following could be indicative of support at the polls (which we know it isn’t), then it suggests a tight race that will come down to Ricardo Rosselló and Alexandra Lúgaro.