New media campaign in Puerto Rico reflects progress and a positive image

by Oct 15, 2018Economy, Headlines0 comments

Central to growing the Puerto Rican economy, attracting promising and reliable companies, organizations, citizens, and visitors is of ever growing importance. The organization Discover Puerto Rico is now the official platform for marketing tourism throughout the US territory. Discover Puerto Rico highlights experiences and destinations across all reaches of Puerto Rico, while providing easy-to-use access to information on a variety of local activities, including beaches, culture, food, golf, and shopping. Recently, Discover Puerto Rico has launched a social media campaign entitled “#CoverTheProgress”, designed to increase public awareness and positive press about the continuing progress in both physical and economic aspects across Puerto Rico following the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Discover Puerto Rico began the #CoverTheProgress campaign by releasing a video of the town of Punta Santiago following Hurricane Maria, with residents spelling out “S.O.S Necesitamos Agua/Comida”, referring to a need for food and water after the damage done by the storm. A primary aspect of this campaign by Discover Puerto Rico is to eradicate the extensive negative press surrounding Puerto Rico in the wake of financial uncertainty and natural disaster. CEO of Discover Puerto Rico, Brad Dean, stated that “six months after Hurricane Maria hit, more than fifty percent of travelers said media coverage negatively impacted their view of Puerto Rico as a destination” and that the organization is “hoping to change that as the one year anniversary approaches.”

Seeking to achieve widespread economic stability and prosperity, it is clear that Discover Puerto Rico is putting forth an important message concerning the future of the US territory. Positive media perception, including both mainstream media outlets and social media platforms, is an integral piece of building a thriving tourism industry, as well as attracting new residents and businesses. Positive changes have already been seen, as a new entertainment complex has been developed near the Puerto Rico Convention Center, and Puerto Rico has seen an increase in visitors from both planes and ships.

In addition to renewed growth in terms of tourists and entertainment developments, positive marketing of the amenities and attractions of Puerto Rico provides a better lens through which the public can view the territory. The progress taking place in Puerto Rico reflects a positive path forward for residents, and encompasses how organizations within the territory are working to ensure that this progress is sustainable moving forward. As #CoverTheProgress gains pace, so does the much-needed positive media coverage of Puerto Rico for tourists, residents, and business alike, which reflects the economic progress taking place across the territory.