Puerto Rican Independence Party wants voters to decide the future of the Financial Oversight and Management Board

by Oct 24, 2018Puerto Rico0 comments

The governor of Puerto Rico has been mounting an effort to move Puerto Rico into becoming the newest state to join the union. While recently the votes have been swinging in favor of statehood, though not by much, there are people in Puerto Rico who are strong advocates for an independent Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) rounds out the political views on Puerto Rico’s stance in regards to the United States balancing the New Progressive Party (NPP), and Popular Democratic Party (PDP), who advocate for statehood and status quo respectively.

While the PDP has been debating as to whether or not they will shift over to the NPP’s beliefs in regards to the Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB), the Independence Party has submitted legislation that would enact a referendum to the people for the immediate elimination of the Oversight Board in Puerto Rico. The intention for this motion is to let the voices of the Puerto Rican people be heard “not only against the Oversight Board but (also) against what creates it, which is colonialism,” said lawmaker Denis Márquez.This follows a court case ruled by Judge Taylor Swain that dismissed the claim made by the Puerto Rican government that the Oversight Board was “usurping policy making authority.”

These bills (HB 1715 -Marquez and SB 1053 -Delmau) are also intended to put to the fire the feet of the individuals of other parties who have said that they are also opposed to FOMB. The measure was presented to the governor, who Juan Dalmau has said supported the measure, but Governor Rosselló has instead opted to be compliant with the Oversight Board.

Many of the representatives’ struggles with the Board stem from the frustrations that come with the feeling that the Oversight Board is overlooking the people and the situations that Puerto Ricans are dealing with. A representative of the New Progressive Party, Carmelo Rios, has gone on record as saying that the Board works less than them, and that by “Pretend(ing) to fit us into a (working) process from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. is, perhaps, (a reflection) of what they are used to.” He claims that the Board does not represent the people, but that the governing body who was elected to represent the people does.

The Independence movement, supported by Denis Marquez, has stated that there needs to be a total rejection of the Board. With the upcoming referendum, the people will have the chance to let their voices be heard in regards to their views on the Oversight Board, and the people may have the chance to express how the islands’ residents may want to organize themselves.