US Territories’ October 22-28, 2018 news week in tweets

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Statehood for Puerto Rico is a Question of Democracy

Vox criticizes Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for saying the making Puerto Rico a state would offset the current balance between Republicans and Democrats, making all votes skewed to the left. In order for the Democrat party to continue to fight against the Republicans, they must support voting and democracy, and support Puerto Rico becoming a state.

Speakers Talk US Virgin Islands Relief at IAEM Conference 2018

At the International Association of Emergency Managers conference, keynote speaker, Mona Barnes and Jon Shear discussed emergency management in the US Virgin Islands. Barnes spoke on how she managed the territory through hurricanes Maria and Irma.

American Samoa Passes Elder Abuse Law

American Samoa’s governor signed the Elderly and Disabled Adult Neglect, Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Act. The law criminalizes and prevents the neglect, abuse and exploitation of elderly and disabled adults.

Typhoon Yutu Upgrades to Super Typhoon

Typhoon Yutu upgraded to a super typhoon and hit Tinian and Saipan on Thursday.

FEMA Supports CNMI after Yutu

After Typhoon Yutu passed through the Northern Mariana Islands, Donald Trump declared a major disaster. FEMA is currently in the process of assessing and providing support to the territory.