This ad is not as weird as our previous examples, but it’s exciting enough to get our attention. In the ad, Natalie Tennant, a Democrat, uses most of the 30 seconds in a conventional way, and talks clearly about her opinion against Obama policies. It’s in the ending of the ad when things get weird. She turns off the electricity in West Virginia and then the camera shows the White House where, suddenly, the lights turn off.

Let’s talk about who Natalie Tennant is…

She is the current West Virginia Secretary of State and is a member of the Democratic Party. This video was made for the United States Senate elections in West Virginia, 2014. She did not manage to get the majority of the votes, but she at least became the runner up. She lost the Senate seat to Republican Shelley Moore Capito, who received 62.1% of the total votes. Whereas, Tennant received 34.5% of the total votes.

Natalie Tennant is known to be a moderate, whose opinions are right in between the other political ideologies. She has also undergone numerous controversies, including secret financial endorsements, being late in sending out change-of-address materials to election officials, and not-functioning finance reports issued by her office.