As mentioned in the last week’s article, Herman Cain is featured again with his ad titled He Carried Yellow Flowers. The name of the ad itself is one reason why this video does not fit other political ads.

From the moment you start watching it, you wonder if you are watching the correct video. Is it an ad for Herman Cain or is it the beginning of a Cowboy movie? Unlike the previous weird political ads, which have a single part which is awkward, this whole video is a total joke.

My favorite part was when Nick Searcy, an average actor, calls the other guy who is mocking him a liberal. In addition, Cain did not forget to add some humor to his ad, which I actually did not find funny.

The ad was uploaded on Herman Cain’s official YouTube channel for his 2012 Presidential Campaign. The ad runs for three and a half minutes, which makes it pretty long compared to most political ads that run about half a minute on average.

The video received more dislikes than likes from its 500,000 viewers on social media. Also this ad is known to be created by Nick Searcy, himself, without the help of Herman Cain. It was later sent to Herman Cain, who liked the video and decided to endorse it.