Most of us have probably seen the popular TV show Say Yes to the Dress. But, who would have guessed that a political ad could be made from it.

During October 2014, the College Republican National Committee published a political ad named Say Yes to Rick Scott. It was done as a parody to the TV show.

Right from the beginning, we can see that the girl’s favorite dress represents Rick Scott. The girl adds that “his ideas don’t break the budget.”

Next, we get introduced to the girl’s mom and her “awful” idea. Although she knows that the dress (which represents Charlie Crist) she likes is outdated and expensive, she still wants it as she knows best.

Later, we are introduced to the sales assistant, who tells us that Charlie Crist comes with additional expenses such as “$2 billion in taxes” and “15% tuition increases.”

If we fast forward to the end, we see a bunch of happy girls celebrating that they have chosen the right dress, aka Rick Scott.

This hilarious ad was published for Rick Scott’s campaign during the 2014 Elections for Governor/Lieutenant Governor of Florida. Rick Scott was able to win the elections over Charlie Crist by only 1%.